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HELIOS Orange  A modern information system for the SME segment

The new and improved HELIOS Orange awaits you!





HELIOS Orange is one of the most widely implemented enterprise resource planning systems for the SME (small and medium enterprise) segment. The needs and desires of our customers served as the inspiration in the creation of the system. HELIOS Orange is a modern ERP system that provides users with a completely new and INNOVATIVE access to critical data. It accelerates day-to-day work activities and provides a host of new functionalities and improvements.

HELIOS Orange is ...

  1. The ergonomics of the user environment provides users with a comfortable, convenient and above all simple way to control the system.

    Higher speed and greater transparency are achieved thanks to functions including dashboards, full text search and a very transparent system of navigation.

  2. Users may completely customize the system environment to satisfy their individual needs and stick with their established habits.

    A pleasant and personalized environment is available thanks to new properties that support the content and visual customization of user work environments.

  3. Having key information available in the right format is the cornerstone for quickly making the correct decisions for your business

    The system evaluates information and uses internal tools (including predictive analysis and business intelligence) to give users the information they need to make effective decisions.

  4. Format is one thing, but getting the right information at the right time is a critical prerequisite for processing subsequent activities.

    HELIOS Orange delivers a range of new functionalities (such as the notification center) providing information to users at the best possible time and in the best possible form.

  5. HELIOS Orange delivers a full range of new features added to the system based on the suggestions of our customers.

    All while keeping pace with the latest trends and technologies. Significant innovations were accomplished in terms of the level of control over the system and reporting, but especially in terms of the new set of functionalities.








TOP new features

Fully-featured and intuitive CRM
A modern appearance and intuitive controls, including new customization tools.
User dashboards with a default set of widgets (mini apps).
Notification center, with support for push notifications.
A modern Business Intelligence solution fully integrated into the system.
An information panel with active commentary function, document preview feature and more.
A bankruptcy register for employees and the organization.
An analytical tool to support predictive analysis.
ePortal – a tool for publishing data on the web.
Mobile app – all information is now available everywhere and at any time.

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the most widely implemented ERP system in the SME segment

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Business Intelligence

HELIOS Orange has a full-value business intelligence (BI) solution that gives users comprehensive and effective access to work with company data. Much of this data has a significant impact on making the right strategic decisions in a timely manner and therefore the business success of the company.

BI is a native component of HELIOS Orange, streamlining work in terms of processes, and there is no need to purchase a third-party solution at a much higher cost. The BI incorporated into HELIOS Orange provides complete coverage for the entire reporting cycle, from the aggregation of data from various sources, to its presentation to the end user.

The system is open to future modifications, expansion and presentation. BI users have access to a full-value data warehouse, and the administration of user rights is a simple process.







HELIOS Orange has a broad palette of modules capable of managing the most complex processes.
Take a look and see what the individual modules can do, and if you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.




Industry solutions


A solution for engineering enterprises automates a tremendous number of production-related processes in manufacturing enterprises. These activities primarily involve technical preparation, production planning and set-up, logistics, economics, asset management, sales, invoicing, communication with banks and the like.

  • Online targeted monitoring of production progress down to the material – station – machine level
  • Quantity and time-related records for the production process linked to individual production resources and warehouse movements
  • Traceability to identify root causes of claims
  • Monitoring of change history involving part rosters and procedures for individual production orders through a deviation procedure
  • Financial monitoring of production progress by individual cost elements
  • Supervision over order status and progress
  • Monitoring and records for individual batches or serial numbers in production and in the warehouse
  • Pricing for in-process stock and on-hand production storage for individual components of the calculation equation


A solution for companies focused on the development and especially the production of electrical engineering products. It is primarily intended for manufacturers, or processors, of finished products and component manufacturers.

  • Formulation of technical production preparation data based on change codes with validity dates to provide accurate records in the development of production documentation
  • Protection against accidental and intentional deletion of technical production preparation data
  • Calculation function for planning production costs to provide a detailed overview of the composition of production costs with the ability to simulate cost origination alternatives
  • Functions to create production orders and for planning and checking the availability of materials and resources
  • Production records using barcodes, touch screen displays and other devices to provide a complete overview of progress
  • Comparison of planned and actual production costs to expose areas where planned costs are exceeded and to identify additional opportunities for relating cost savings


Manufacturers of plastic components are some of the main subcontractors in the automotive industry. The HELIOS system is primarily focused on support for injection moulding processes for thermoplastics, but we also have experience with other methods, including standard pressing. Long lead times are often associated with the production of plates, meaning labour productivity is very dependent upon batching.

  • A solution for issues related to multiple moulds (injection moulding machines) where multiple products or different products may be on the same mould (such as left-hand and right-side variants)
  • Support for packaging accounts and multiple packaging options
  • Form management and administration (such as cycle records)
  • Capacity planning support
  • Support for ISO standard quality assurance processes
  • Work with barcodes
  • Support for EDI communication, including references
  • Records for waste and subsequent processing / recycling (such as the high frequency of rejected parts during line start-up)
  • Production batch tolerances
  • Evaluation and management of acceptable / rejected parts and subsequent management of corrective measures


The wholesale industry is characterised by a tremendous volume of receipts and physical quantities, which places significant demands in terms of the organisation of work activities, records of goods in stock and subsequent movements involving these goods. Electronic communication with both vendors and customers is a given (B2B and B2C).

  • Bulk invoicing
  • Various methods for removing items from stock and calculating the value of goods (averaging, FIFO)
  • Support for serial numbers, batches and expiration dates
  • EAN and QR codes
  • Multilingual support at the input and output level (controls, reports, labels, forms)
  • Support for logistics placement activities, including connectivity to mobile WMS solutions
  • Ability to communicate with business partners using a B2B solution, such as web portals providing information on the availability of goods, current pricing, state of the balance, etc.
  • E-shop connection (B2C) at the level of fully automated integration with the ERP, including support for payments using cards or foreign currencies
  • Sales representatives having access to the solution via a mobile solution
  • Option for variable pricing policy (time-limited, customer-based, bulk discounts, other discounts on selected goods and their variants, etc., including their combinations)
  • Support for accounts and retention money, cash back and automatic reminders to those in arrears
  • Support for multiple delivery and invoicing addresses for a single organisation
  • Comprehensiveness of the system at the level of accounting, payroll, etc., and wholesale-specific agendas, including CRM, transport, controlling, planning, data warehouses, Intrastat and the customs agenda


The HELIOS information system’s solution for the transport industry is primarily intended for companies using trucks and passenger cars as well as other equipment to accomplish their activities, both as their primary line of business and simply as overheads. Transport overlaps other specialised industries and the scope of its utilisation ranges from comprehensive fleet solutions to the use of driving logs and related records.

  • Trip planning, including support for reservations at specific dates and times
  • Travel orders and routes, including current vehicle status (mileage, fuelling, etc.)
  • Records and inspections of the technical condition of vehicles, including maintenance planning
  • Economics of vehicle operations
  • Invoicing for work performed by vehicles
  • Accounting for travel reimbursement
  • Road tax, including the printing of tax returns and export to XML format
  • Records concerning insurance events
  • Importing of statements from payment (fuelling) cards
  • Driving logs



Ondřej Svačina
Managing director at Meffert ČR spol. s.r.o.

MEFFERT ČR uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“HELIOS Orange gives us the functionalities we require at lower cost. It has helped us to modernise work in the warehouse, and we can now work better with managerial tools and workflow. We’re simply in a better place with the HELIOS Orange system than we were before.”

Martin Šmíd
COO at REGAZ, s.r.o.

REGAZ s.r.o. uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“HELIOS Orange adapted to our needs for business transactions, warehouse management and documentation management. We realised major benefits by synchronising our HELIOS Orange CZ->SK database and the on-line shelving design tool, which is fully linked to HELIOS Orange.”

Ing. Pavel Krnáč jr.
COO - HUCK CZ, s.r.o.

Společnost HUCK CZ, s.r.o. uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“HELIOS Orange is an open system that has simplified and accelerated processes for us while making them more transparent.”


Petr Květoň
Authorised agent - SILO TRANS s.r.o.

SILO TRANS uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“HELIOS Orange is a software suite that has fully adapted to our work in the truck freight industry and helps us better manage, accelerate and improve the quality of our company’s internal processes.”

Ing. Jiří Daněk

Společnost Druchema uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“Thanks to HELIOS, we have gained new options in terms of managing all our processes, from production, to stock optimisation and managing customer relations and a direct connection to our e-shop.”

Ing. Jakub Kaloč

MATRIX uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“Monitoring multiple activities, on-line data for remote locations, higher work efficiency and sophisticated outputs for management – these are all important benefits that the HELIOS system delivers us.”

Case study

Lukáš Dobeš
Section director for administration - ČEZ Energo s.r.o.

ČEZ Energo uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“Simplification of the work and activities involved in any internal company process is always welcome. That is why I see the HELIOS Orange system as a great aid to Energo in terms of the time savings it has delivered.”

Case study

Ladislav Dopita
Managing director at ELBERRY s.r.o.

Elberry uses the HELIOS Red information system

“HELIOS has helped us accelerate our activities on the Internet. Collaboration with our partners has been streamlined and accelerated thanks to electronic data exchange. This has automated a lot of our day-to-day activities. Many labour-intensive activities are now flawlessly running on their own.”

Ing. Libor Kadlec
Partner - Tax - CCS Consulting

CCS Consulting uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“Thanks to HELIOS Orange, we are now able to perform external accounting for all our clients and flexibly respond to their needs.”

Case study

Jan Smola
Director - HELUZ a.s.

HELUZ uses the HELIOS Orange information system

HELIOS Orange helps us efficiently analyse and evaluate data.

Reference detail | Video

Jiří Motloch
Publisher - Nakladatelství Sagit, a.s.

Nakladatelství Sagit uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“HELIOS Orange helped us improve and accelerate our orientation within our corporate data and significantly simplified communication with state authorities.”

Reference detail

Michal Vyhnálek
Managing director - TEDDIES s.r.o.

TEDDIES uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“HELIOS Orange is a stable and open system that enables us to grow our business and modernise our sales and logistics management processes.”

Case study

Ing. Ladislav Sedmák
CEO - AGRORIS s.r.o.

AGRORIS uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“Our efforts are focused on deploying a precision agriculture system in our production activities which involves the need for precise decisions, and these are simply not feasible without the right basic information system. The HELIOS Orange system gives us this advantage.”

Case study

Martin Šak
Managing director - Železo Hranice, s.r.o.

Železo Hranice uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“HELIOS helped us manage our company’s growth and now I cannot imagine how we’d operate without it. We’ve used it for more than 10 years and remain very satisfied!”

Michal Vlček
Managing director - Wimex s.r.o.

Wimex uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“We actively use HELIOS Orange across the entire WIMEX Group, meaning it helps our personnel in our Czech, Slovak, Austrian and German offices. We especially value the individual approach to resolving the unique needs that have come about as we have grown and developed.”

Ivo Poštulka
Project technician - Renetra s.r.o.

Renetra uses the HELIOS Orange information system

"One of HELIOS Orange's advantages is the ability to work remotely. This is how our personnel on business trips often get the information they need.”

Case study

Jakub Gabriel
Director - RayService, a.s.

Ray Service uses the HELIOS Orange information system

HELIOS Orange has made a significant contribution to increasing work productivity.”

Reference detail

Petr Škapa
Head of customs department - PST CLC, a.s.

PST CLC uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“HELIOS software has provided our company, and especially the customs department, with 100% functionality and the ability to modify functions on-line in response to changes in terms of legislation related to customs clearance. A great benefit is the friendly and variable user interface with intuitive settings of individual work overviews and outputs. Last but not least, I would be remiss not to mention the high-quality support from the Asseco Solution Hotline.”

Miroslav Kubík
Director - LOMAX & CO s.r.o.

LOMAX & CO uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“We have fine-tuned processes with HELIOS. Thanks to HELIOS Orange, we have optimised internal processes and our work productivity has increased by 20%.”

Reference detail | Case study | Video

Radim Bartoš
Sales director - KÁVOVINY akciová společnost

KÁVOVINY uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“Records of our recipes in HELIOS Orange together with records concerning other input costs provide the current data and materials we need for business negotiations with customers. The flexible evaluation of customer relationships in HELIOS Orange gives us the materials we need for the further development of our activities on the market.”

Miroslav Dérik
Director - JABLOTRON Slovakia, s.r.o.

JABLOTRON Slovakia uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“The HELIOS Orange information system has simplified and accelerated the activities we perform while also making them more transparent. We now manage company processes better and this allows us to fully focus on our business activities.”

Věra Lukáčová
Managing director - HAJDO spol. s r.o.

HAJDO uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“HELIOS Orange has delivered nearly 20% time savings. Plus, I can work with it from anywhere online.”

Reference detail

Ing. Otakar Chochola
Information technologist - Fenix Group, a.s.

Společnost Fenix Group uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“HELIOS Orange manages all our key processes and creates ample room for further dynamic growth.”

Reference detail

Michal Dobiš
ICT manager - ELESKO a. s.

ELESKO uses the HELIOS Orange information system

The HELIOS Orange system delivers on the high demands our company places on managing business information without any compromises. This is thanks to the broad functionality and high level of specialised expertise as well as the accommodating approach taken by the vendor’s consultants.

Reference detail

Michal Bína
Managing director - CATUS spol. s r.o.

CATUS uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“We appreciate the ability to automatically collect production data from packaging machines and mixers, records of actual processing times, and the assignment of workers involved in individual production operations.”


Ing. Jan Kučera jr.
Director - BOHEMIA CARGO s.r.o.

BOHEMIA CARGO uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“We use the HELIOS Orange ERP system to resolve operational tasks on a daily basis for a large number of business transactions, and it has also been helpful in implementing strategic decisions concerning the innovation of our products.”

Case study

Ing. Petr Pokorný
CEO and managing director at AZ - Pokorný, s.r.o.

AZ - Pokorný, s.r.o. uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“HELIOS Orange has provided indispensable support for all our company’s processes for nearly 10 years. We are convinced that it wouldn’t be possible without HELIOS.”


Lukáš Bartoň
Plant controller - Skanska a.s.

Skanska uses the HELIOS Orange information system

“HELIOS was able to fully adapt to our needs to manage our processes in the fields of transport, mechanisation and controlling while also maintaining connections to the SAP and RSV systems, and at the same time it impressed us with its user-friendliness. “

Case study




HELIOS Orange is open to external modules

HELIOS Space creates the room necessary for collaboration in the development of the HELIOS Orange information system. It is primarily intended for companies and individuals who are involved in creating external add-ons to HELIOS Orange based on acceptance of the contractual terms and conditions. Membership in the HELIOS Space community is associated with the right to develop and distribute these add-ons and free-of-charge access to the tools used in their development.







Customers using HELIOS Orange









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